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When it comes to customer service a call to our office is never answered by an out of country call center Our local staff is here to make sure you get the help you need.
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Hay Plus Farms of Arizona is delighted to offer our esteemed clients an expansive and flexible delivery service that covers a broad range of needs and destinations. Catering to both local and national demands, we have tailored our delivery options to ensure that every client, regardless of location, receives the highest level of service and satisfaction. For our local clientele in the Tri-City area and its surroundings, we provide convenient delivery of small loads, ensuring that even the most modest requirements are met with precision and care. This service is particularly suited to those who require frequent, yet smaller quantities of our products, allowing for maximum flexibility and efficiency in managing your supplies. On a larger scale, Hay Plus Farms is fully equipped to handle the delivery of full semi-truck loads across the country. This extensive capability ensures that no matter the volume of your needs or the distance of your location, we are ready and able to provide you with the products you rely on. Our logistics network is designed to deliver your order safely, efficiently, and on time, every time. Our delivery service is built around the core principle of meeting our customers’ needs with a combination of timeliness, efficiency, and personalized care. We understand the importance of reliable delivery in managing and operating your business smoothly. Therefore, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team is on standby to discuss your specific requirements, tailor a delivery solution that best fits your needs. and ensure you have everything you need, when you need it. At Hay Plus Farms, we are more than just a supplier, we are a partner in your success. Let us take the hassle out of delivery so you can focus on what you do best.

Offering more than just products: we provide tailored solutions and expertise that resonate with the unique challenges of local farmers and ranchers. 



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