Bermuda #1

Bermuda #1 hay stands as the pinnacle of quality within the Bermuda grass hay varieties, known for its superior nutritional profile and exceptional palatability. This premium grade hay is expertly cultivated under optimal conditions to ensure the highest standard of forage for horses, dairy and beef cattle, and other livestock requiring high-quality feed.

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Distinguished by its fine texture, consistent bright green color, and high leaf density, Bermuda #1 hay offers an excellent source of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. Its carefully balanced composition promotes optimal digestive health and supports the overall well-being and performance of animals. The high leaf content not only enhances the feed’s nutritional value but also its digestibility, making it an ideal choice for animals with specific dietary needs or those in intensive training and production.


Bermuda #1 hay is harvested at the peak of its nutritional value, ensuring that each bale is packed with the maximum amount of energy and nutrients. This meticulous process also preserves the hay’s natural aroma and taste, increasing its acceptance and consumption by animals.


At Hay Plus Farms, we take pride in offering Bermuda #1 hay, a product of our commitment to excellence in agricultural practices and our dedication to the health and performance of your animals. Our Bermuda #1 hay is free from any adverse elements such as dust, mold, or unwanted weeds, maintaining the purity and quality that our customers have come to expect. Whether for competitive performance animals or high-yielding dairy herds, Bermuda #1 hay provides a foundation for nutritional excellence and animal health.

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