Alfalfa #2

Alfalfa #2 represents a highly valuable feed grade within the alfalfa hay spectrum, offering a balance between excellent nutritional content and affordability. This grade is meticulously produced to cater to the needs of a wide range of livestock, including dairy and beef cattle, horses, and sheep, particularly those not requiring the intensive nutritional regimen that Alfalfa #1 provides.

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Characterized by a slightly more varied leaf-to-stem ratio than its premium counterpart, Alfalfa #2 still maintains a good green color and a substantial amount of leafy material, ensuring a high level of digestibility and palatability. This grade contains a robust protein content, essential fibers, and a balanced energy profile, making it an efficient and economical choice for general livestock nutrition and maintenance.


While Alfalfa #2 may include a higher proportion of stems and a slight variation in consistency, it remains free from any elements that could negatively impact the health of the livestock, such as excessive dust, mold, or weeds. Each bale is produced with a commitment to maintaining a quality feed product that supports the health and well-being of animals.


Alfalfa #2 is an excellent option for those looking to provide their animals with a nutritious diet while managing feed costs effectively. It is particularly suited to animals in maintenance, late-stage production, or those with lower nutritional demands. Hay Plus Farms is dedicated to offering Alfalfa #2 as part of our range, ensuring that our customers have access to a variety of quality feed options that meet their specific needs and budgetary considerations.

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