Teff Hay

Teff hay emerges as an increasingly popular forage choice among horse owners, livestock farmers, and pet enthusiasts, thanks to its exceptional nutritional profile and versatility. Originating from the highlands of Ethiopia, teff is a warm-season annual grass that produces a fine-stemmed, leafy hay, which is highly digestible and palatable to a wide range of animals. Its rise in popularity is attributed to its suitability for animals with specific dietary needs, including those requiring lower sugar and starch diets.

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Teff hay is celebrated for its low glycemic index, making it an ideal feed for managing animals prone to conditions such as insulin resistance, laminitis, and obesity. Despite its lower sugar content, teff hay does not compromise on nutritional value, offering an adequate protein level, essential minerals, and vitamins necessary for the overall health and maintenance of animals. Its fine texture and high palatability make it particularly appealing to picky eaters, ensuring that animals not only benefit from its nutritional offerings but also enjoy their meals.


Cultivated with care, teff hay from Hay Plus Farms is harvested at the optimal stage of growth to ensure the highest quality and nutritional content. Our teff hay is carefully processed to maintain its natural goodness, preserving the hay’s integrity and ensuring it is free from dust, mold, and unwanted foreign materials. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each bale is clean, fresh, and ready to meet the dietary needs of your animals.


Whether you’re managing a stable of performance horses, a herd of cattle, or small pets at home, teff hay offers a nutritious, palatable, and digestible forage option. At Hay Plus Farms, we are proud to offer teff hay as part of our diverse forage selection, providing our customers with high-quality options tailored to the unique needs of their animals. Trust in Hay Plus Farms to deliver teff hay that supports the well-being and satisfaction of your livestock and pets.

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