Timothy Hay

Timothy hay stands as a cornerstone in the diet of a wide variety of herbivores, including horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals, revered for its optimal nutritional balance, palatability, and digestibility. Originating from the temperate regions, Timothy hay is a perennial grass that has become synonymous with high-quality forage, offering a myriad of health benefits to animals across the globe.

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Characterized by its bright green color, Timothy hay boasts a high fiber content, crucial for ensuring proper digestive health and function. This fiber richness promotes a healthy gut, aiding in the prevention of gastrointestinal stasis and other digestive issues. Moreover, its moderate protein level is ideal for maintaining muscle health without the risk of excessive weight gain, making it an excellent choice for animals at all stages of life.


The hay is harvested at the peak of its nutritional value during the early flowering stage, which ensures the highest possible leaf-to-stem ratio, enhancing both the nutrient content and the taste appeal to animals. This careful timing preserves the natural aroma and flavor of the hay, increasing its acceptance among even the most discerning of eaters.


At Hay Plus Farms, our Timothy hay is meticulously processed and handled to maintain its quality and freshness. Each bale is carefully inspected to ensure it is free from dust, mold, and unwanted weeds, providing you with a clean and safe feed option for your animals. Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust our Timothy hay to support the health, well-being, and satisfaction of your cherished animals.


Whether you are feeding elite equine athletes, small pets, or livestock, Timothy hay from Hay Plus Farms offers a perfect blend of nutritional benefits, superior quality, and exceptional taste. It is the forage of choice for discerning caretakers who demand the best for their animals.

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